Work Injuries

A workplace injury can cause ongoing health problems and impact on your future ability to make an income; therefore it is important you take steps to understand your rights and entitlements as an employee.

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Under the law your place of work should be safe at all times

It is an employer’s responsibility to provide a safe workplace and system of work. However, as a worker it is important to immediately report any workplace hazards or dangerous incidents you witness or are involved in to your employer.

Some examples of common workplace hazards that should be reported include:

Working at heights

Working at heights is inherently risky. You are more vulnerable if you fall from a height, as your injuries are likely to be more significant than a fall at ground level. Falls from ladders are also particularly common on construction sites.

Work involving repetitive movement

A Repetitive Strain Injury, or RSI, is an injury that occurs as a result of repeating a movement or series of movements from being in an awkward position over a prolonged period of time, which causes strain on the body resulting in soft tissue damage.

Construction sites and other dangerous work areas

Constructions sites are, by their nature, risky environments. Construction sites are often large areas with many different trades operating at the same time, using a range of machinery and tools. They are also noisy environments where workers can develop industrial deafness.

Heavy, awkward or repetitive lifting

A lifting injury is a common work-related injury. Lifting injuries usually occur when a worker either lifts an object that it too heavy or lifts an object awkwardly, causing strain on their body. Common lifting injuries include lower back, neck and shoulder strains.

Strict time limits apply

If you have suffered any injury or illness as a result of your work you may be entitled to compensation.

Strict time limits apply to make a claim so it is in your best interests to speak to an experienced lawyer who can advise you confidentially and quickly if you have a worthwhile claim.

No Win – No Fee

No win no fee means that you will not be liable to pay our legal costs unless your case is successful.

Our commitment to you

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